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Once again as this brief video clip graphically illustrates, another “feel good” story that we can all support, especially after this emotionally draining political season.

During Wednesday’s night halftime game between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, United States Army veteran Luciano Yulfo was asked to center court, and over the loudspeaker the announcer began to describe why Yulfo was standing at center court.

Waving and holding on to his cane and in his “dress blues”, Yulfo must have been  anticipating what would come next, however he didn’t need to wait long, as the announcer continued his monologue saying: “what he does not know, as a surprise and in appreciation we’d like invite Robert Vessary to help him present his new service dog “Murphy.”

At which point a beautiful light brown playful pooch ran unto the basketball court, wearing an American Flag bandanna around its neck, and began to kiss the happy Army veteran, who was now kneeling and hugging “Murphy”.

No doubt the New York Knicks organization has made this Army veteran a very happy individual, and hopefully with his new-found friend and service dog “Murphy” has enriched and improved his quality of life.

Moreover the next time you encounter a veteran or a young individual in uniform, acknowledge them and say “thank you for your service.”


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