Over the New Year's holiday news broke that President Obama is readying yet another presidential executive order regarding background checks on potential gun owners. The president has used recent tragedies such as the San Bernardino, California shootings to keep pushing his liberal agenda on gun control, even though it's obvious that increased gun control will threaten America's freedoms.

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and Executive Vice President of the NRA recently attacked Obama's claims in a video he titled "Disarmament." In the video, LaPierre doesn't mince words. He directly acknowledges the dangers of following Obama's path to universal disarmament.

"Nothing would make us more vulnerable to generations of suffering and slaughter than the destruction of our Second Amendment," said LaPierre. He stated that Obama's administration was more inclined to seek disarmament as a way to appease terrorists than as a decision that would benefit everyday American patriots.

LaPierre mentioned the attacks that liberals are launching against honest gun owners everywhere in America. He rightly called them out as being foolishly naive.

"Many many of our politicians, aided by a relentless media, are launching that attack themselves. They dream of joining the rest of the disarmed peoples of the world in trusting our survival to the mercy of monsters."

What can liberals be imagining will happen if guns are taken from the everyday citizen in this country? Can they really imagine that all crime will cease if people can't purchase a gun to protect themselves?

LaPierre's video is making waves and is rapidly becoming a viral video with over 100,000 views in just a week or so. Is it any coincidence that Obama is seeking to disarm Americans at a time when the subject is obviously so distasteful to the American public?

Obama is waging a silent war against American freedoms. It's up to the conservatives in this country to stop him.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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