“I’m trying to figure out in my mind why no one is paying attention to black men killing black men.”

Those words were spoken by Ray Lewis, retired National Football League (NFL), sports hero.

Lewis was speaking to the violent and irrational Black Lives Matter movement.

“I know black lives matter, because I’m a black man, but man, stop killing each other. Man, we got to put these guns down in Chicago. Baltimore, Miami, man it ain’t that hard.”

He also pointed out that murder rate rose by 29%m but nobody is “rioting in the streets over black-on-black crime.”

We Must Change What We Are Doing

my heart is hurting - we must do better

Posted by Ray Lewis on Saturday, 2 April 2016

He’s right. It is because the BLM movement is made up of anarchist morons who care about as much for their fellow black man and black woman as the do for the ants on the street.

They don’t. So, the rest of us don’t either.

Lewis encourages the BLM people to change their lives,

“You got to be OK with earning a living. It ain’t supposed to be easy.” He goes on, “If we don’t change what we’re doing not only will our kids not have a future, but we might find ourselves extinct.”

In that he could be speaking to all of humanity. We are certainly living in violent times.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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