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“Old school” great former quarterback Joe Theismann simply couldn’t hold back when asked about the dismal performance of second-string 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Appearing on Fox’s “outnumbered the former Washington Redskins quarterback, 2-time Pro Bowler, Super Bowl champ and Football Hall of Fame inductee responded to Kaepernick receiving the Len Eshmont Award, given to the "49er who best exemplifies the inspirational and courageous play of Len Eshmont, an original member of the 1946 49ers team."

Theismann’s response;  "You're a 2-14 football team; he's won one football game. What has he inspired?"

"I don't agree with what he's done," Theismann said. "As a matter of fact, the American flag...stands for the right to be able to do the things you wanna do, to be able to stand up and have a difference of opinion. I agree with that part of it, but not when you're on the job."

Bobby Bowden also appeared on Fox earlier in the day on "Fox & Friends" discussing Kaepernick, saying if you protest the National Anthem he would have urged Kaepernick not to take a knee, that his protest was "unwise" and suggest perhaps another path to voice his displeasure with the political system.

"There's too much history, too much blood has been given for that Star-Spangled Banner." Bowden concluded.


Do you agree with Joe Theismann that Kaepernick has done nothing to deserve any awards?

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