It’s inconceivable that in the year 2017, Western Civilization is debating within many European capitals and even within parts of the United States a 7th century barbaric Islamic decree that undermines the basic principles within any civil society.

The irony like most things progressive embrace, actually contradicts the very essence of what liberals claim to hold dear, and yet here they are embracing Sharia Law, and referencing this medieval doctrine as “beautiful” and “empowering.”

No doubt something is seriously amiss within this group, perhaps it’s their unbridled hate for President Trump, that has damaged any sense of logic or perhaps they simply view Sharia Law as they view their own cult-like existence living within a “progressive protective bubble” void of outside influences, where safe zones on college campuses are reminiscent of “NO GO ZONES” within those Muslim enclaves and where both the unhinged left and radical Muslims are unwilling to assimilate into a diverse culture of opposite views.

The brief video clip by Newt, simply confirms the danger Western Civilization faces, ironically not by the Muslim barbarians who’ve been defeated throughout history when Muslim warlords attempted to overrun Europe and subjugate the people, but rather by a deranged progressive orthodoxy that actually ignores history and the doctrine of Sharia Law that glorifies rape, sodomy, child brides, honor killings, beheadings, murdering gays and the total annihilation of both the Christian and Jewish faiths


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