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The most obvious question that pops into mind is “why would Gingrich or any respectable conservative go on The View?” The answer, of course, is to sell books. And that’s the reason why many respectable conservatives go on The View, CNN, MSNBC and other liberal media outlets, which is to simply promote something. And for that both Gingrich and The View get something in return, Gingrich free publicity for his book, The View perhaps higher ratings having a charismatic former Speaker of the House as a guest…it’s called “capitalism.”

However, while both The View and the former Speaker played nice for most of the 9-minute interview on Tuesday, there were a few moments when gravel voice Whoopi Goldberg tried to pounce regarding President Trump and his first cabinet meeting on Monday, asking the former Speaker his opinion about the meeting. Apparently, Goldberg resented the fact that the “president” would be the center of attraction, which is perhaps understandable when you’re a “D-list celebrity” co-host on a daytime talk show, far, far removed from the red carpet.

However, the Speaker did acknowledge that the cabinet meeting was indeed “different,” reminding the audience that the president has always led by making himself the center of things.

Stating: “The centrality of Trump is a significant part of his life. Of course, now he has a Trump Air Force One, and a Trump Marine One, and now a Trump White House.”

Which of course was a perfect opening for both Goldberg and Hostin to interrupt the Speaker exclaiming: No, he doesn’t have that!” Hostin said. “He has the United States of America’s.

“Those belong to us. He can use them, but he can’t have them,” Whoopi added.

Gingrich went on to add that the testimony by former FBI Director James Comey’s has completely vindicated Trump.

“If you go back and read his testimony, a lot of this puff shrinks,” he said.

This left a disgruntled Behar lamenting in disagreement, and a chuckling Gingrich saying “I know you have hope.”


Do you think Newt is spot on here? Do you think the overtly liberal biased hosts of "The View" need to go?

Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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