U.S. Navy SEALs are possibly the toughest group of military personnel on earth, with the reputation of putting service to their country and obedience to their commander-in-chief above all else, including life and limb.

But despite their oath of loyalty to any president who commands them – Republican or Democrat – SEALs are only human and they know the difference between a “C-i-C” who takes praise on himself for their heroic deeds and one who stands in awe of their bravery and sacrifice.

While one president took credit for the raid that killed the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks, another president tells them simply, “I have your back.”

So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the lead vehicle in a SEALs’ military convoy was seen flying a “TRUMP” flag while the special forces unit was in Kentucky training at Fort Knox.

What has come as a shock to many who saw a video of the convoy, is that the SEALs are now under “command inquiry” into the matter for violating Pentagon and Navy rules for convoys dictating which flags and pennants may be displayed.

“The flag shown in the video was unauthorized,” said public affairs officer Capt. Jason Salata, speaking at Naval Special Warfare Command.

Military regulations prohibit troops from making political statements or displaying political signs while wearing the uniform.

The TRUMP-waving Humvee went viral on social media after a Kentucky driver took a photo of it and it was circulated by an anti-Trump group, Indivisible Kentucky.


One member, Chris Rowzee, said the flag was “chilling,” going on to say, “Our nation's military must remain loyal to the constitution, and not any one individual. It’s critical to our democracy that the American public be able to trust that their military is apolitical and nonpartisan.”

The “Twitter-verse” responded with a resounding rebuke to both the military rules and the anti-Trumpers pointing out that now that the election is over and Trump is president, the flag was no longer a political statement, but one in support of the SEALs’ commander-in-chief.

That defense will no doubt fail before a military investigation into rule-breaking, but the SEALs have already made it clear that they know their president has their back.

And they have his.

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