Running a pizzeria is a full-time job that requires lots of stamina and a good disposition interacting with customers, and aside from the long days in front of a hot brick oven where perhaps the only occupational hazard might be getting an occasional burn, it’s a relatively safe vocation.

However, if your Shlomi Madar and your pizza establishment happens to be in Petah Tikva, outside Tel Aviv, and only a few miles from Islamic extremists looking to annihilate the Jewish state, then being prepared is the name of the game. And apparently, that’s exactly what’s taking place around his establishment just within the last two years,

Madar has become quite proficient in subduing would be terrorists who come into his establishment attempting to create mayhem; he has amassed a hodgepodge of obscure objects strategically placed throughout his pizzeria to be used in the event of a terrorist attack, which includes a selfie stick, an umbrella, a guitar, a Nunchuck and now a pizza platter.

Just this past Monday morning he went after a stabber outside his pizzeria; “I heard screams coming from the shwarma shop two stores down and I immediately understood what was happening,” Madar, 24, told The Times of Israel, hours after the incident.

In another incident just a few feet away from Madar’s Pizzeria another crazed Arab attack, this one involving a bus driver that the 21-year old Palestinian from Qalqilya apparently mistook for a Jew and stabbed him, simply because he was mistaken for a Jew.

In yet another incident a terrorist disguised as a customer repeatedly tried to stab Madar who says he was saved by a countertop he installed after a drunk customer pulled a knife on him.

With all of the near misses, Madar recognized how lucky he was to have survived the attack. “Had it not been for the counter-top, I don’t know if I would still be here,” he said.

Source: Times of Israel

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