In a display of a moment of sanity and reason, the New Jersey, Jersey City Board of Education, opted to not close down their schools for the Islamic Eid al-Adha holiday.

Naturally, members of the “Religion of Pieces” were not so accepting or tolerant of the decision. Of course not! The infidels dare not conform, and that can’t be allowed.

It was not enough that these radicals, who stood there and tolerantly proclaimed “We’re going to be the majority soon” would be allowed to get their kids out of school for the day on a religious absence.

No, no! The entire school system needed to close so as to pay homage to Muslims’ very existence and in observation of their worship on the Eid al-Adha holiday.

The school board correctly recognized that while the Islamic holiday is important to Muslims, it does not justify the hardship that would face 5,000-10,000 parents who would have to rearrange their lives, day care schedules, and work schedules, not to mention causing further undo hardships to themselves with loss of wages, employers, co-workers, and day care business owners, to justify shutting down for the 1% of the religious populace.

Thank you New Jersey.

Muslims erupt in anger causing chaos after being denied their request

Source:Western Journalism



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