Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton thinks that the best way to an Islamic terrorist's heart is through his stomach.

Clinton says it's important for all of us "getting to know one another." And that includes the culture, religion, and food of bloodthirsty jihadists.

This means "putting yourselves in another's shoes [or sandals], walking in them."

Getting to knowww you. Getting to know all about you!

Americans should consider themselves lucky they don't have Hillary as their president.

WATCH Hillary making a fool of herself and the rest of us:

As reported in The American Mirror, the former first lady and Bungler of Benghazi said it's "time to reach out" to the terrorists with "steady and determined leadership," the kind recently shown by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Khan advised the world not to be alarmed after Saturday's fatal Islamic terror attack in London that left seven dead and 48 wounded. It was the third deadly assault in the UK by terrorists this year.

Watch as Hillary calls for a greater understanding of the kinder, gentler side of Islamic jihadism:


Clinton advises that we should show our fellow ISIS head-choppers "respect" -- "empathise" with our enemies.

So, there it is, straight from the horse's ass -- a recipe for capitulation and further disaster.

Instead of understanding ISIS food, we should be starving them out of every last cubby hole and cranny. Instead of showing them respect and empathy, we should be showing them the gallows and the firing squad.

As Hillary Clinton preaches humanity Islamic terrorists are spreading their inhumanity in every land they infest.

If Clinton wants a better understanding of the food of these murderers and cannibals she should do it on her own time and develop a sudden taste for human hearts.

We would love to hear your comments about Hillary Clinton's softer approach toward Islamic terrorists in the comment section below.

Source: Truthfeed


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