We’ve all heard the rumors and no doubt have seen the videos, of Hillary’s infamous moment of her being held up by two security agents, while nearly collapsing to the ground and then stumbling head first into her SUV.

The now famous video clip was taken on Sunday morning in New York City at the dedication ceremony, at the 9/11 Memorial and which Hillary attended and then had to abruptly cut short, due to what the mainstream media dubbed a “medical episod.”

The shocking video although taken from behind shows the back of Hillary’s head shaking uncontrollably, as her body suddenly jerks downward.

‘Amazingly” only 45-minutes after this video was taken out pops Hillary from her daughter’s apartment seemingly 30-pounds lighter, smiling and quite animated, and waving to the crowd.

The rumor making the rounds on social media, and lighting up the Internet is that Hillary is using a body double, and upon first visual observations of both the video’s, something seems to be at odds.

It’s already been acknowledged and the visuals will confirm that indeed Hillary has a double look-alike in one Teresa Barnwell, a 61-year old woman who can easily pass for the former First Lady.


Moreover what is striking, was Hillary’s departure from Chelsea’s apartment and the absence of Secret Service agents exiting with her, and there was no advanced sweeping of the block, for potential security issues, prior to Clinton’s leaving her daughter’s apartment…strange indeed.



Do you think this is just a wild theory or actually a very real ploy by Hillary, who has a reputation for not being honest with voters, to buy time as her health is failing?

Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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