“A week before he announced his candidacy, I was so depressed,” mom, said Sabine Durden speaking of Donald Trump to Breitbart.

“No one cared about our stories, no one talked about my permanently separated family. I had no more family here, and I contemplated suicide. Donald Trump saved my life.”

Ms. Durden’s son had been killed by a (surprise!) illegal alien. Naturally, nobody in D.C. or anywhere else, cared.

Then, she went to Donald Trump’s rally in Anaheim, and Trump kissed her picture of her son.

“It came from his heart,” she went on. “We were not in front of a big audience. He was on his way out of the building and we were off to the side… It was such a touching and very genuine, tender moment and it shows what a kind, gentle, and very caring man he is.”

Trump is an amazing man. No matter his brusque attitude, and sheer juvenile stupidity on occasion, he deeply loves his country and all Americans.

He has big plans for this nation, and while you may not agree with all of them, it is your duty to get out there and vote for him come November. It’s that or we end up with another Clinton administration, in which Obama will undoubtedly play a big role – possibly on the United States Supreme Court.

“He’s [Trump] our last hope for our country to ever recover,” said Ms. Durden. In this she is absolutely correct. You either get Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, or Donald Trump at this point. It should not be a difficult decision to make.

As for Ms. Durden, Trump’s kindness has helped give her the will to go on after the loss any parent can only imagine would be difficult. Not just that, but her anger towards Hillary Clinton and her plan to open the floodgates for illegals and provide for their every comfort, is completely justified.

As Ms. Durden said, “We have American families that have been affected by illegal aliens, and Hillary never talks to us, and never talks about our stories or vents about the issue. She is the bully.”

Americans do not matter to the Hildebeast. She proved that with Benghazi. So, what’s an illegal alien to her? It’s a vote—that’s it.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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