As a parent, it is hard to imagine the pain one must endure with the loss of a child. The helplessness one must feel when their child is dying and they can do nothing about it must be soul destroying torture.

The empty hole left when your child is missing has to be nightmarish. The gut wrenching pain of knowing your child was murdered must be overwhelming and it can only be topped by sadness mixed with anger.

In April, South Carolinian, Eric Brantley left work only to be mugged by two thugs. They robbed him, shot him, and drove off leaving him to die. One of the murderers was immediately arrested.

The teenager, Jahmal Green was eventually picked up after stealing another car. That car happened to be a “bait” and sting vehicle.

Green sat in court on Monday. The now 18-year old “appeared relaxed and unconcerned with his murder and armed robbery charges, smiling and muttering while playing with the collar of his prison clothes,” according to IJ Review.

WATCH: Mom Confronts Thug Who Killed Her Son, Floored By 4 Sickening Words

Brantley’s mother was allowed to speak to Graham.

“He was a son, a grandson, a brother, an uncle, a godfather and a true friend to more people than you would ever know in your life. Eric was also a real man. If you and De’Andre Murphy had tried to rob him without hiding behind guns, I can guarantee that the outcome would have been much different.”

Truly remorseful for his actions, Graham relayed his apologies to Eric Brantley’s mom:

“Shut the f**k up.”

Jahmal Green is the poster child for what is wrong with black youth in America. His parent(s) must be so proud.

Here is to hoping and praying Green never sees the light of day.

Source: Mad World News


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