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Michelle Obama is notoriously disdained for her "healthy" school lunch program that resulted in massive amounts of food waste as kids flat out refused to touch her idea of what a school lunch should be.

One of the first things Trump did once he got into office was to ditch Michelle Obama's failed signature school lunch program.

Michelle Obama is a big sore loser and decided to rip into Trump for dismantling her ill-conceived student lunch policy.

She said Trump is "OK" with kids "eating crap." What Michelle Obama fails to understand is that Trump is not OK with kids eating the crap Michelle was forcing onto students nationwide.

Check out Michlle Obama twisting the narrative to try and save face over her failed lunch program

In case you never saw the types of lunches Michelle Obama's lunch policy resulted in here are a few tweets from angry students and parents that are the direct result of Michelle's "healthy" lunch program:

Sorry Michelle, you don't have any legacy and America is better off for it.

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