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No doubt if you’ve been exposed to any media coverage over the weekend, and in particular to social media within the last 48-hours then most likely you’ve seen the mug of former US Attorney Preet Bharara, splashed all over the place. In fact, if you’ve tuned in to either CNN or MSNBC then you’ve probably witnessed the hysteria being fanned by leftist reporters speculating on all types of conspiracy theories.

Which simply demonstrates once again how a "zero story" becomes a “fake story” and actually dominates the airwaves of the mainstream media, for over 48-hours.

Remarkably back in 1993, the New York Times dedicated less than 40-seconds of airtime in announcing that then Attorney General Janet Reno fired 93-US State Attorney’s ordered by then President Bill Clinton, including at the time Jeff Sessions.

Moreover, the brief video clip announced that President Clinton was making a “clean sweep, and all in one day.


Fast forward to President Trump ordering the resignation of the 48-Obama appointees in the Justice Department and a normal, expected and traditional occurrence becomes another phony reason for the rabid left to attack the president with innuendo, speculation as to why Bharara refused to hand in his resignation, and then, of course, grandstanding for the media.

Which of course set the hounds lose, in that Bharara was the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, which of course the speculation being that the president comes from New York, and therefore something nefarious must be taking place, regardless of the fact that every previous administration in modern presidential history cleans house…or, to put it another way “drains the swamp!”



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