California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters has made more than her share of gaffes in her nearly three decades in Washington, once bizarrely claiming, “I was a Millennial once,” but this time she’s baffling even fellow Dems who usually applaud her every anti-Trump pronouncement.

This time, however, the 79-year-old now in her 26th year in Washington may have made a case for congressional term limits in an appearance on the daytime television show The View.

Waters used the guest shot as yet another opportunity to attack President Trump, which she has made her mission since his election in November, first by boycotting the inauguration and then announcing her intention to see to it that he is impeached.

Now, apparently, she has extended that mission to include the vice-president – the only problem is she doesn’t know his name.

While on View, Waters was asked about tweets she had sent claiming the vice-president is already “planning his inauguration.”

“Is that a joke or do you really think that?” asked the host.

But while she admitted the tweet was made in jest made to “needle him a little bit,” she revealed that her hatred for the Republican administration knows no bounds.

“Do you think Pence will be better than Trump if he were impeached?” asked Joy Behar.

Waters had an answer – but apparently, she couldn’t get the name straight.


“No, and when we’re finished with Trump we have to go and get Putin,” she said.

“Putin or Pence?” asked a bewildered Behar.

“Pence… that’s right,” said Maxine.

Of course, Rep. Waters is the Congresswoman who condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading – Korea.

Except that, of course, would be Crimea.

Oh well, what’s the difference?

Putin? Pence? Korea? Crimea?

Surely the people of her district in Los Angeles can do better next time they go to the polls.

Please comment below if you think California Congresswoman Maxine Waters has shown her true colors in wanting to impeach Vice-President Pence – after she sees to it that President Trump is thrown out of office first. Waters' continued misspeaking is an embarrassment to her constituents.

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