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No question about it! Race baiter in resident Al Sharpton knows a thing or two in how to motivate African-Americans, and apparently he’s giving lackluster and frumpy presidential candidate Hillary Clinton a few pointers, in how to gin up the minority vote, as this 6-minute video clip illustrates

Sharpton appearing on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” show discussed various ways Hillary could more aggressively tap into the black vote, and spoke about what would compel African-Americans to wait on long lines to cast a vote for Clinton.

Obviously skin pigmentation is key; however unlike leftist loon Elizabeth Warren who claimed to be Native American, specifically Cherokee, to help get into Harvard Law School, Clinton has yet to make any such claim, about having any African-American blood so she can’t play that race card, yet.

And it’s doubtful whether African-Americans care about Trump’s taxes, which ironically Sharpton should know a thing or two about, in that unlike Trump who takes legal itemized deductions, Sharpton simply hasn’t paid any taxes, to the tune of over $500,000 dollars and doesn’t bother about filing legal deductions, he simply sets a match to his office, and “poof “up in smoke.

Moreover there’s always a timely issue that Hillary might tap into, perhaps another police shooting where she could showcase a mom on stage, as she did at the Democratic National Convention when she invited Michael Brown’s mother to appear with her, if you recall Brown was the young thug that assaulted a police officer and was shot dead for his trouble.

Or if there isn’t a timely police shooting from now till Election Day, Hillary might consider using Sharpton in creating a racial issue as he famously did in 1987 when he claimed a young 15-year old African-American girl named Tawana Brawley was ganged raped by several white men, including a New York State prosecutor.

No doubt the Obama/Clinton/Sharpton gang is working overtime to gin up the black vote; however don’t be surprised if we don’t see another incident from the well-funded Soros hate group “Black Lives Matter” before November 8th creating mayhem.


Do you think the exact type of race baiting that Sharpton and Obama have promoted has set race relations back a generation in the United States?

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