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As the 2016 election moves into the final stretch, with less than six weeks to go before Americans go to the polls, some of them are already taking action not only to show their allegiance to Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton and their opposition to Republican Donald Trump.

The problem is – they are committing criminal acts to do so and subjecting themselves not only to fines, but some physical pain in the process.

Clinton supporters are turning out in numbers, not at her poorly attended speaking events, but in the front yards of other people – trespassing, vandalizing and stealing property.

The theft of “TRUMP” yard signs from front yards around the country has been widely reported, but it is far more than a mere prank of the type that would be played by high school students.

Hillary supporters who trespass on private property for the purpose of theft or vandalism are also suppressing the free speech of those who support the billionaire businessman’s bid to win the White House.

But not all Hillary voters are as smart as they think they are.

After one Trump supporter grew tired of having his yard signs stolen, he wired a sign to deliver a shocking surprise to the next Clinton fan who dared to take it.

The video from a home surveillance system shows a man calmly pushing a baby stroller down the sidewalk, then returning several minutes later without the baby and making a run for the “TRUMP” sign in his neighbor’s yard.

The electrifying “dance” he breaks into after being jolted when he touched the sign has gone viral on Reddit – and the sign-owner claims the would-be thief has been charged with trespass based on the video.


With the threat of Islamic terrorism, a sputtering economy, divisiveness and mistrust infecting the county, one would think that Clinton voters would have better ways of showing support for her candidacy than stifling the right to free speech of those who back her opponent.


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