Movie actor Bruce Willis is the quintessential Hollywood bad-ass and star of ultra-violence flicks like Pulp Fiction, Sin City and the Die Hard series.

Director Eli Roth saw fit to cast the hard-edged take-no-prisoners Willis in a 2017 remake of the legendary 1974 film Death Wish, which originally featured the late Charles Bronson in the lead role.

Make no mistake about it. Death Wish redux is shaping up to be one torture-soaked movie. Sadly, the movie's script follows a tiresome action movie genre pattern: man loses family members to violence. Man seeks justice through legal means but fails. Man goes berserk and gets bloody revenge.

Already Death Wish has liberals freaked out over its alleged "racist" street justice theme.

The way these social justice warriors see it, any white person with the gumption and the firepower to defend against gratuitous inner-city violence is labeled a racist and Alt-Right, and worthy of the fate they're trying desperately to avoid.

"Fair or not, I can't think of a more tone-deaf idea in this political/social environment than white filmmakers remaking #DEATHWISH," tweeted Forbes critic Scott Mendelson.

"Angry, old white man becomes an armed vigilante against Chicago civilians. That's a dangerous message. Is Death Wish alt-right fan fiction?" Twitter user Adam Best wrote.

But it's OK for the Weinstein Brothers to gin up a murderous black vendetta against white people in Django Unchained?

In this political/social climate?

WATCH the movie trailer and judge for yourself as to the film's "racist" message:

Based on the trailer, there are a number of villains, black and white, and a number of sympathetic characters, black and white.

The original Death Wish was a harsh reflection of the inner city violence in the 1970s that has only grown worse 43-years later.

Liberals seem to be more afraid that Death Wish 2017 will put ideas in the heads of ordinary white people flirting with the idea of a firearm for self-defense.

Death Wish the re-make is the latest violence porn to come out of Hollywood that hopes to capitalize on the same success of the original Death Wish series.

Hollywood ran out of original ideas years ago and everything now seems overly derivative of past movie glories.

The sad fact is that movie-goers have grown accustomed to such mediocrity but they keep lining up at the box office.

Do you think you will go to see Death Wish starring Bruce Willis? Will the "racist alt-right" content keep you away? Let your voice movie critiques be heard in the comment section below.

Source: Daily Mail

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