The video says it all! And more importantly should perhaps make young leftist “snowflakes” pause a moment and actually learn those two universal words “diplomatic immunity” which virtually gave those folks behind the wheel, (and to quote the title from the 1989 James Bond flick), a “License to Kill.”

Fortunately for the young rebel-rousers, the only causality lying mangled on the pavement is their bicycle and not their bodies.

The brief video clip captures a few German protesters blocking the street with bicycles and their bodies in Hamburg, Germany, as a large dark sedan slowly approaches and stops momentarily in an apparent stand-off, the demonstrates chanting and apparently oblivious to the diplomatic license plate in front of the auto, the driver is then seen warning the clueless protesters and instead begin clapping and chanting drowning out the driver’s dire warning.

Moments later (out of view of the video) he guns his engine, and speeds past the human roadblock, leaving the young antichrist's dumbfounded and stunned.

The video then pans down to the mangled bike on the ground and a young demonstrator speaking quickly in German pointing to the damaged cycle. Although she’s speaking in a foreign language, the pitch of her voice reveals how lucky she felt she wasn’t lying next to her bike on the ground.


Angesichts der Situation in Hamburg... alles richtig gemacht...
Audi a8(diplomatenfahrzeug) durchbricht Barrikade.
falls ihr euch unsicher in Hamburg fühlt:
Quelle: Hamburger Abendblatt

Posted by Car Gadgets on Friday, July 7, 2017

Moreover, the violent protests that broke out in Hamburg, Germany last week against the G20 Summit are indicative of the progressive mindset that blocking intersections, throwing rocks at police and creating mayhem is somehow a “right.”

Moreover these fools are responsible for hundreds of thousands of dollars in property damage, and at times assaulting bystanders and police officers alike in the mayhem; however this time law enforcement wasn’t having any of it and brought the “big guns” in the form of water canisters and tear gas to disperse the unruly mob. And it worked.

Tell us in the comments below if you think “diplomatic immunity” should protect someone regarding a physical assault?

Tell us in the comments below if you think protesters went too far at the G20 Summit in Germany?

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