Once again we hear from Whoopi Goldberg, hoping perhaps that she’s finally making good on her promise to leave America, however “no such luck!”

Perhaps however her publicly doubling down on Trumps appointments may actually be a good thing for critical thinking Americans, in that after 8-years of Obama in office and listening to likes of Goldberg and her progressive cohorts, Democrats have lost over 900 state legislators, plus both house of congress, and now the presidency.

So the more loudmouth Goldberg complains and slanders Trump’s appointees the better! This time it’s Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, which as both Goldberg and fellow host Sunny Hostin crying “racism,” and accusing him of all types of imagined issues, proclaiming that friends within the civil rights division are looking for other jobs because they fear Sessions will cut their funding.

Hostin also referenced an alleged comment made by Sessions, decades ago calling a black federal prosecutor “a boy.”

Which drew a comment from who else, but Whoopi herself: “This does not make me optimistic. This pisses me off. We have fought in this country ever since, the people talk about ‘You try to put stuff behind you,’ listen: The Native Americans who were here before everybody had trouble, okay? So we tried to fix that, we tried to make it better … and if you’re talking about ‘it’s a backward move to do civil rights,’ why are you even running?

Perhaps the question that Whoopi and her progressive ilk should really ask is why African-Americans, after 8-years of Barack Obama, and decades of the inner cities being controlled by liberal Democrats are they still at the bottom of the economic scale and those cities still in disrepair?

Many took to Twitter to call for Whoopi to make good on her promise to leave the United States:




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