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Daily disclosures by Wikileaks have already revealed Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton’s staff exchanged emails about how to deal with “needy Latinos” with “1 easy phone call,” lumping together an entire group of Americans dismissively and reducing them to the least amount of effort required to get their vote.

At a West Palm Beach, Florida rally for her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, a cross-section of Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds cheered on the candidate even as he faced an unprecedented onslaught of attacks unseen in modern political history.

One Trump supporter, a 30-something Hispanic man wearing a blue “TRUMP” T-shirt and the trademark “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” red baseball cap was not shy about expressing his opinion.

The unidentified man said he came to the United States legally in 1995 from Panama and had “no problems assimilating into the culture and doing the things we had to do to gain citizenship.”

He also admitted he had been a Democrat – and voted for Obama.

“I was brainwashed. And I can tell you that everything they do is just to indoctrinate people.”

He held a sign bearing bold statements about Hillary Clinton’s character, but it was his words that made the impression.

“When I go to Hillary Clinton rallies, they bash at me and they call me names – they tell me I should be ashamed of myself because I am Hispanic and I’m voting for Trump. It’s not right – Democrats and liberals need to stop profiling people. The only think they create is division and hate between Americans.”

Asked about the release of a damaging video of Trump from 2005, his supporter brushed off the accusations being hurled at Trump about his past.

“All that locker room talk… that is history. If they wanted to attack him, they needed to attack him from the beginning, but now, with just four weeks to the election, they are desperate.”

Wrapping up the 2-minute interview, the former Obama voter summed up his belief in America.

“I want the United States to be the way it used to be – the National Anthem, the Constitution, we have to respect those.”


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