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For those not yet familiar with this bizarre documentary “Weiner” it originally debuted at the Sundance Film Festival; however they say that “timing is everything” and no doubt that was indeed the strange coincidence when FBI Director Comey announced a week or so before the 2016 presidential election they were investigating Anthony Weiner’s sexual misconduct involving an under-aged girl and the sudden unexpected connection to Hillary Clinton emails, which in all probability ended her presidential aspirations, right than and there.

However if we backtrack to 2013 and view the airing of the Showtime documentary of Weiner’s failed mayoral bid, as his sexual exploits suddenly explode publicly, than we come “full-circle” in that life actually imitates art.

The film was a rare look into this guys strange world of contradictions, in which his ambitions to seek the biggest political prize in the city of New York, and his sexual perversions, suddenly clash on air dooming forever any chance of elective office.

Moreover just recently after the Comey announcement the “Weiner Documentary” was aired on cable, and it seemed almost surreal viewing once again this character campaigning on the streets of New York City, and actually seeing him at a subway entrance near Grand Central station, two weeks before the s**t hit the fan.

Perhaps the most bizarre aspect of this relationship between Abedin and Weiner is her claim she never granted permission for the film to be aired.

Why then participate?


Wow. Guess this is what you get when you are married to an alleged pedophile.

Do you think Wiener had a hand in Hillary losing the election? Let us know in the comments below.

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