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The one constant and prevailing theme to have emerged within the last several days of mayhem at the hands of anti Trump thugs is just how perverse the progressive establishment truly is, in condemning the violence.

Hours after the Trump win there were marauding bands of violent thugs destroying property, and rioting and yet the mainstream media’s hesitation to acknowledge what was taking place around the country, was in stark contrast to the media’s continued public forewarning of Trump riots, after the election.

And while the progressive media attempted to ignore the mayhem taking place around the country, the Trump win perhaps actually emboldened police officers to once again do their jobs without fear of a politically correct Justice Department looking to make political points at their expense.

And that was never more evident has Austin police officers put their training skills into action by taking down a violent street anti-Trump thug, and quickly cuffing the young punk.

The brief graphic video illustrates how good aggressive policing in the face of a violent confrontation is quickly diffused, when the order to disperse is given and ignored.


Peaceful demonstrations are a protected Constitutional Right, and everyone is entitled to voice loudly their opposition, as it is everyone’s right to vote for the candidate of their choice, and on November 8th America decided, however some still have trouble wrapping their collective heads around the political process called an “election.”

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