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Perhaps liberal talking heads like Juan Williams needs a lot more time to grieve, in that losing this election isn’t something the radical left had expected, let alone experienced.

Moreover Williams is still in the “bashing Trump mode” and hasn’t quite figured out that the “Trump train” has left the station, and he’s in danger of staying behind, and like most of the progressive elites he needs to “suck-it-up” and move on.

The question is can he, and perhaps more importantly can they?

That question was perhaps answered in a recent segment on “Fox News Sunday” with host Chris Wallace, overseeing a panel discussion with several invited guests including both Williams and conservative pundit and Trump supporter Laura Ingraham.

The panel discussion immediately turned to Trump’s overall selections to his cabinet which includes retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, appointed as National Security Adviser, which apparently disturbed Williams, who claimed that Flynn suffers from “Islamaphobic” and has ties to Russia, and then verbally assaulted another potential Trump appointee, Marine Gen. James Mattis, referencing both of these honorable men a “team of radicals.”

Ingraham sitting next to Williams would have none of William’s baseless smears and immediately confronted him, and demanded he either put up or shut up, with specifics, stating emphatically; “But you said, ‘team of radicals,” Ingraham then turned towards Williams. “This is the kind of stuff that has turned people against Washington, D.C.”

She then continued her discourse in defense of those honorable men stating: “And these type, this, these types of lines against true patriots, who sacrificed for their country, who are beloved among the men and women in the military, who actually do the heavy lifting for all of us.”

She continued. “Mattis, General Mattis, is one of the most beloved Marines of the last 50 years. General Flynn is considered one of the pre-eminent intelligence experts of our age.

Demagogues like Williams are a dime a dozen within this environment of secular progressives who attempt to smear, insult and demean these patriots, simply because they honor our country and its institutions.

As for Laura Ingraham, she would make a welcomed addition in a Trump Administration!


Do you think Juan Williams got what he deserved for spreading false information about Trump?

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