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You can rest assured that rocker Kid Rock doesn’t pull many punches, the “Born Free” vocalist, lives up to his lyrics as a patriotic guy who simply loves America, and grateful for a country that has given him the opportunity to live out his dream.

Singing under a huge banner of “old glory” at a recent concert in Boston, Rock momentarily kneeling on one knee, interrupted his rendition of “Born Free” to shout out a personal acknowledgement to Colin Kaepernick…“F*ck Colin Kaepernick!”

The unscripted shout out was met my loud thunderous applause, and cheers, as Rock stood up and continued his pulsating performance.

Ironically both Kid Rock and Colin Kaepernick share a common thread, in that where else but America can two unlikely individuals succeed based solely on their God-given talents, regardless of race, sex or gender?

Kaepernick in particular is living the “American Dream” born into chaos by a multiracial couple, and abandoned as a child, only to be adopted by a loving white couple and raised within a loving family, and later becoming a professional football quarterback, playing for the San Francisco 49 ers, and becoming a young multimillionaire in the process.

Not to shabby for someone who apparently hates America, and perhaps by extension “white folks’?

In truth guys like Kaepernick, who perhaps realize later in their careers, that they’re actually marginal ball players, and that true greatness on the gridiron will never be theirs, suddenly decide to play victimization and of course the race card.

Go to :50 mark for Kid Rock's eloquent statement on NFL's attitude towards America (GRAPHIC)

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