The best antidote in the world of sports regardless your political views is how well you perform and if Sunday’s game is any indication then Colin Kaepernick would do well to sit out the rest of the season, and perhaps kneeling at the playing of our National Anthem on Sunday only seemed to inspire both the Buffalo Bills and their fans, as they shouted “USA, USA, USA!”

The hapless first time starting quarterback, along with safety Eric Reid did their “dog and pony” show on the sidelines where Kaepernick would have been better off remaining, rather than playing.

Kaepernick lackluster performance on the gridiron finished 13 for 29 with 187 years and one touchdown, rushed for 66-yards on 8-carries, for a 45-16 loss to the Bill’s.

Coach Chip Kelly was asked after the game if Kaepernick would remain as the 49ers starting quarterback, his response "Yeah, we'll see."

Moreover Kaepernick was greeted with a chorus of boos when he took to the field which continued through several snaps from the boisterous hometown fans, and perhaps his lackluster performance on Sunday most likely had to do with the fact that this was Kaepernick first outing as a starting quarterback since week-8 of last season.

However Kaepernick would do well to actually concentrate on playing football, rather than playing politics, and if politics is where his head is at, then get in the ring…no not the boxing ring, rather the political ring…where there’s always room for a “second-string” quarterback.

Do you want to see the NFL take a stand against this anti-American behaviour?

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Source: ESPN

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