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Perhaps the whispered narrative within the Clinton camp and maybe a growing concern for President Obama is what to do if Trump does the “unthinkable” and becomes the 45TH President of the United States and then actually follows through on his threat to empower an independent prosecutor to investigate the Clinton gang.

While President Obama is in all likelihood exempt and protected from prosecution, would that same protection extend to a former Attorney General Loretta Lynch or a former FBI Director James Comey?

No doubt this would be an interesting and from my prospective welcomed scenario, and even the honorable Judge Jeanine Pirro thought that Hillary’s phony smile became almost frozen at the last debate, when the Donald pointed in her direction and vowed to investigate her many lawless acts, if he becomes president.

And by Pirro’s vast experience within the judicial system she believes there’s a real possibility that there enough evidence to justify a "prosecutable case" regarding the mishandling of classified intelligence, and the willful destruction of evidence after being served a subpoena.

Judge Pirro went on to explain: "You've got a prosecution for perjury, for lying, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, it's all there."

Pirro continued to elaborate that Clinton has been protected by Justice Department including both the FBI and the State Department.

However when Trump looked directly at Clinton, Pirro said: "I saw fear in Hillary's eyes."


In this clip Judge Pirro breaks down exactly how Hillary Clinton "destroyed evidence, obstructed justice and perjured herself'

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