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Conservatives beating up on Rosie O’Donnell seems like an exercise in futility, in that Rosie I fear has gone over to the dark side, she’s lost all reasoning and by definition she perhaps “clinically” best fits the term “loony left.”

However Judge Jeanine isn’t one to let even a “clinically deranged” O’Donnell off the hook, as she once again stating in her opening monologue  …”And as for those Hollywood leftists in need of a lobotomy, like Rosie O’Donnell. They are straight up Communists!”

The good judge continued lambasting the portly comedian’s bizarre rant on Twitter saying “I fully support imposing “MARTIAL LAW” delaying the Inauguration, until Trump is “cleared” of all charges.”

Obviously the first question one should ask the delusional O’Donnell are “what charges?”

Moreover Rosie like another celebrity talking head Sally Fields should sign up for a basic civics course on American governance and American history and understand the principles that govern this Republic.


Judge Jeanine however  within this brief video clip actually attempted to educate hapless Rosie on what the ramifications of “MARTIAL LAW” actually entails, however call me crazy, I believe Rosie knows exactly what she’s saying, much like Cher threatening to blow her brains out, or Rosie going north into the Yukon…it’s all theater, all smoke and mirrors, it’s celebrities being celebrates actually talking to one another to see how outrageous they could be, like kids seeing how far the other could spit. We just happen to be watching.

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