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Popular TV host Judge Jeanine Pirro traded in her symbolic black robe, for biker gear and hitched a ride on a motorcycle, hitting the streets of Cleveland on Monday.

Pirro smiling as she strapped on her helmet for a ride with Trump supporters "Bikers 4 Trump," an organization made up mostly of veterans and ex-law enforcement officers who were at the RNC not only to lend support but to also provide security for those in attendance.

Appearing on Fox and Friends the head of the organization Chris Cox, also wanted to draw attention to the countless veteran monuments being neglected by federal budget cuts.

The brief video clip shows Pirro riding piggy-back and sitting behind Cox, she later commented; "I was impressed with those guys. There's no ego there," adding that the bikers weren’t looking for a confrontation with any of those protesting the convention, or Trump’s nomination, but rather to give those Trump supporters peace of mind.
She said Cox suggested to anyone in trouble for whatever reason, to call the police.

“Bikers 4 Trump” is a bikers club with thousands of members and Cox decided after witnessing the brutal attacks on innocent Trump supporters, while in some instances the police simply stood by, that he would volunteer his services in protecting Trump supporters, so far the convention has been remarkably free of violence, let’s all hope it remains that way.

Source: Fox



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