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Once again “firebrand conservative” and legal scholar Judge Jeanine Pirro, threw down the gauntlet and challenged Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s hate-filled description of those hard-working and law-abiding American’s supporting Donald Trump.

In her brief opening impassioned monologue Pirro took direct aim at Clinton; “I know you have double-vision and memory problems—documented by the FBI, but your hypocrisy is stunning. You’re the ‘hater.’ You’re the one who said ‘we are above all that.”

The Fox News host was referencing Clinton’s desperate attempt to define Trump and his supporters as “bigots, racists, sexists”, and by using such divisive and vile rhetoric, and tagging those supporters as “deplorables.”

Pirro continued her buzz-saw attack by playing a brief video clip of the former first lady trashing and then accusing Trump of “describ[ing] the black community in such insulting and ignorant terms.”

Which prompted Pirro to exclaim: “Hillary is so desperate for the black vote that she insists on creating race issues”

“This week, Hillary’s all better, and she and her surrogates call on all Americans, all but us ‘deplorables,’ to stand up and repudiate Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric, through their own divisive rhetoric!” Pirro also said.

Moreover Clinton has taken the name-calling to a brand new level, by attacking millions upon millions of Americans who are exercising perhaps the most important task an American can perform, their right to vote freely for the candidate of their choice.

Hillary’s assault on working men and woman, actually speaks of a much winder issue in her desperate attempt to get out the black vote, and with less than 60-days to go, it’s beginning to look like a repeat of 2008 for her.

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