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Judge Jeanine Pirro, who served as a New York District Attorney and retired from the Westchester County bench, hosts a weekly news and commentary show on the Fox News Channel and is never afraid of speaking her mind, but this time she has left no room for misunderstanding.

Hillary Clinton should be in jail, not running for president of the United States, Pirro told Fox host Sean Hannity.

Referencing Clinton’s misrepresentations not only to the FBI, but the American people about her secret at-home email server used to conduct the nation’s diplomatic business during her four years as President Obama’s first Secretary of State, the judge laid out the case against the Democrat presidential candidate.

“You do not have the right to violate the law, put the security of this nation in jeopardy, lie to the American people about it over and over again, meet with the FBI - where all the rules are thrown to the wind - and then say to the American people, ‘I should be your president.’”

After Hannity claimed if he – or presumably any other American citizen without Clinton’s powerful connections – had done the same thing, he would be indicted, Pirro put the issue in broader context.

Pointing to the claims by some that there are two justice systems in the United States – one for whites and one for blacks, Pirro said she sees things differently.

“I see two systems, [one] where people have power and money, and then the ordinary America, irrespective of their color.”

The judge had some advice for Republican candidate Donald Trump in the upcoming second presidential debate on October 9.

Pirro believes both the Department of Justice and the FBI know that Clinton’s private email server was set-up to allow the Secretary to use her position to further her family Foundation’s “pay to play” scheme – and she says Trump should “prosecute” on the point.

Trump claims he held back criticism of the Clinton’s at the debate out of deference to their daughter, Chelsea, who was sitting in the front row at the event, but Pirro urged him to take off the gloves.

“No more Mr. Nice Guy, no more ‘Chelsea was in the audience.’ That's hogwash,” she told Hannity.


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