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Appearing last evening on Fox’s Hannity show Judge Jeanine Pirro unleashed her frustration of FBI Director James Comey for recommending no charges against Hillary Clinton.

Pirro appearing with two other guest panelists criticized Comey saying he has "destroyed the reputation" of his agency.

Stating emphatically; "This is a dark day for criminal justice, this is a dark day for the Department of Justice and the FBI. There's a lot of good people in those departments. He has destroyed that reputation."

Pirro’s comments seemed especially troubling because she apparently respected Comey as someone who would not fall into the political web of deceit and betray those within his own agency.

Pirro continued her verbal assault on Comey’s bizarre reading of the law, suggesting that there would be "administrative sanctions” if someone did exactly what Clinton did.

"If she were to be president of the United States, hasn't she already proven that she cannot be trusted with this information? Shouldn't she lose any security clearance that she has?"

Perhaps the most damming statement that Comey made and that Pirro took exception too, was that "no reasonable prosecutor" would bring a criminal case against Clinton.

Which prompted Pirro to exclaim: "Jim, you're wrong. I respect you but you're wrong."

Do you agree with Judge Jeanine Pirro that Hillary's security clearance needs to be revoked at the very very least?

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