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“Grandstanding” is what progressives always do, whether in the White House, in congress, within the mainstream media and now from a Broadway stage.

Moreover it seems that the venue for progressives to engage in willful discourse has suddenly changed, in that it was always assumed and universally accepted that the arts was a place that should be respected as “neutral zones”, a place where two opposing factions could come together, in peaceful harmony to enjoy a mutual interlude of the performing arts, and away from the course and divisive demagoguery of either the right or the left.

That all changed Saturday night when a cast-member of the Broadway show “Hamilton” decided to use that time-honored “neutral zone” to verbally abuse the Vice President-elect while sitting with his family, however the blind-sided attack proved once again the “class-act” Mike Pence truly is, saying how much he enjoyed the show.

However conservative firebrand host Jeanine Pirro isn’t at all forgiving as she lambasted the smug self-aggrandizing actor using the moment to extend his 15-minutes of fame, saying in her ”opening statement” that what took place after the performance was “inappropriate and disgusting” and “outrageous and embarrassing.”

“What happened in that theater, one block from here, was out-and-out reverse racism, and teed up hate for a man who has done nothing to deserve this inappropriate and disgusting behavior,” Pirro said.


Do you think the cast of Hamilton owes Mike Pence a public apology?

Sound off and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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