Just before Christmas On a Dec. 22nd JetBlue flight Ivanka Trump was berated by Brooklyn lawyer Dan Goldstein and his husband, Hunter College professor hubby, Matthew Lasner solely because her father had won the election. Goldstein yelled “Your father is ruining the country!” at Ivanka.

Ivanka Trump was minding her own business and was with her young children on the flight.

The two men were ejected from the flight and the disgraceful situation was exposed across the internet. After a petition to have Lasner removed from his Hunter college post you can see by this just released video that these liberal scumbags are seriously regretting to have messed with Ivanka as the nation has come down hard on them.

Fox News’ Jesse Watters confronted the man “You harassed a woman with her baby on a flight. You proud of that?”

These liberal bullies got caught trying to intimidate a mother and her young children and are now paying the consequences as their lives appear to be ruined.

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