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The question asked by Fox’s own Megyn Kelly of Ivanka Trump at the start of her 7-plus minute interview, was exactly the same tactic she used on Donald Trump at the start of the first Republican Debate, and in which the infamous Trump/Kelly feud began.

No doubt Kelly prides herself as a tough investigative journalist, and quite frankly she is, and although her opening “gotcha question” to Ivanka was in part to elicit an emotional response, hoping perhaps for another set of fireworks, which propelled her onto the national political scene, this time Kelly’s pointed question, “Obviously, your dad has had some trouble with (women), he’s 15 points behind Hillary in most of the polls with women. Clearly, he’s made some comments about women that have led to that.”

Was met and received by a thoughtful and reasoned response from Trumps accomplished daughter. “My father can be an equal opportunity offender,” she quickly responded with a smile on her face, and concluded her response with the fact that her dad always speaks his mind regardless of gender, which drew a somewhat forced smile from Kelly.

Ivanka continued: “I think the fact that he doesn’t treat us differently or with kid gloves shows the fact that he recognizes we’re equipped to handle it and are able to do so,” she continued. “There’s no bias in his viewpoint. He views all people equally, men or women. It doesn’t matter, and he treats them accordingly.”

The interview concluded with these two independent and strong woman obviously admiring one another, and although the dust-up between Kelly and Trump drew national attention, at the end of the day, it was “the Donald” that made Kelly a media darling and a very rich young woman.

Do you think Kelly has had it out for Trump and his family from the get go? Do you think Megyn Kelly can't match up with the Trump's when going toe to toe?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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