It’s a scene that has become all too familiar within recent years, shoppers on Black Friday rushing off to departments stores after a Thanksgiving meal with family and friends, and ironically beating on each other like “mad-dogs” fighting over a scrap of meat.

“IRONIC” in that most of these individuals fighting one another only hours before were enjoying the “spirit of the of the holiday season.”

This latest incident took place at the Riverchase Galleria in Hoover, Alabama where shoppers began pelting one another over so-called “bargains.”

The brief video apparently shot on a cell phone by a customer captures the bedlam as a group of fist flinging woman began pouncing on one another over discounted merchandise. Security is seen moving in and slapping handcuffs on several women, attempting to subdue them. A male voice within the video can also be heard saying “Go to jail!”

News reporter Clare Huddleston reporting for WBRC-TV, posted on Twitter that the furor began at the entrance of the Buckle clothing retailer.

Police reported that the “fight was personal between two females. Had nothing to do with Black Friday sales," Huddleston reported.

Adding; "thankfully no injuries, no arrests made.”


Moreover, as the name implies “Black Friday” can be extremely hazardous, as shoppers suddenly turn into crazed and out-of-control thugs assaulting one another for the privilege of taking home a discounted product. Ransacking stores, robberies and shootings have all become in many parts of America a Black Friday tradition.

Many retail malls around the country stayed open offering giant discounts and midnight promotions were shoppers would come early and wait on long lines outside “closed stores” for the limited items in stock that were heavily advertised and marked down, and at the stroke of midnight the doors would open and shoppers would stampede into the stores, and at times trampling over each other.

However, some retail chains around the country decided to go “old-school” and honor the holiday by closing for the day and giving their employees an opportunity to enjoy Thanksgiving Day with their families, others.

Do you think the concept of “Black Friday” actually brings out the worst in people?

Source: Daily Mail

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