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Veteran talk-show host and political commentator Laura Ingraham offered Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump some advice about how to approach the upcoming rematch with Democrat Hillary Clinton as the two meet on the debate stage for the second time.

Appearing on the Sean Hannity program on the FOX News channel, Ingraham said it was essential that Trump understand that he moderators are not his friends.

In fact, she says in blunt terms, “…moderators aren’t really moderators. The moderators are there to ensure that you lose the presidential election.”

 The advice came after Trump’s performance at the first debate, moderated by Lester Holt of the left-leaning MSNBC cable news channel, was criticized as undisciplined and reactive to Holt’s treatment of the Democrat candidate.

The next meeting is not a debate per se, but rather a town hall setting where the audience will have submitted questions for moderators Martha Raddatz of ABC News and CNN’s Anderson Cooper to read to the candidates, which may favor Trump’s less polished style over Clinton’s more prepared and scripted presentation.

Ingraham said Trump should concentrate on the failed policies of the Obama administration and paint Clinton as a third-term serving of more of the same, hammering home the point that, “They had their chance and it didn’t work. The country is begging for real and refreshing and optimistic change.”

The talk show host urged Trump to resist the temptation to take Clinton’s baited comments and personal attacks, but that advice was undermined and overshadowed by a Friday afternoon “news dump” of 2005 tapes of Trump engaging in “locker room banter,” as he termed it, with an entertainment program host.

Clinton will, no doubt, make use of the unflattering picture Trump’s own words about women paint, upping the stakes for him to remain cool and stick to the issues that are relevant to voters in 2016, rather than being dragged into the past.

Other pundits are betting that the brash billionaire will take off the gloves and hold nothing back in going after Clinton scandals, including Hillary’s attacks on women who were involved with her husband – either willingly or forcibly.


The 90-minute town hall will be Sunday, October 9 at 9 pm and be aired by most cable news channels, including FOX News, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, C-SPAN, Univision, as well as the three major broadcast networks.

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