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“LIGHTS, ACTION, CAMERA”! Is perhaps the only way to actually address this phony self aggrandized performance by historically clueless over the hill and marginally talented entertainers, pretending to be astute political activists, while faking moral outrage.

This one minute plus video clip, has all the drama of an open audition “cattle call”, where performers stream on and off stage, while attempting to memorize their lines.

By definition one would suspect these fools would  be considered “Hollywood celebrities” attempting to perhaps convince the world, in some strange and bizarre way that November 8th 2016 didn’t happen, and urging Americans and the United States Congress to “obstruct” the will of the people, the election process, and the election outcome…and these fools are to be taken seriously?

And it’s for this very reason why leftist loons like Sally Field, Rosie Perez,  Jeffrey Wright,  Keegan-Michael Key, Steve Buscemi and other activists  appearing  in this video released Tuesday, titled “#StandUpForUS” are totally out of touch with mainstream America, and perhaps more importantly why idiots like this have become a freak-show.

Just listen to the contrived and scripted monologue, which is reminiscent of  one of those actors  workshop in New York City: “We demand that you block nominees who threaten the rights of women, the LGBT community, people of color, immigrants and the poor,” Key and Field say in the video.

The message is apparently designed to elicit emotion and encourage the “dear members of Congress, to “vigorously oppose” Trump’s “racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, anti-worker, anti-Muslim, anti-Semitic, anti-environmental policies.”

Apparently the writers of this little production number figured that if you repeat the word “anti” enough times within a brief paragraph it would perhaps spark more outrage somewhere.

Moreover the diatribe continues: “The majority of Americans, regardless of who they voted for, did not vote for racism, for sexism, or for xenophobia. And yet, Donald Trump won,” the hapless and clueless celeb's recite.

Perhaps the most humorous moment came when one of the performers gave perhaps the flattest rallying cry of all:  “We won’t remain silent. We’ll work harder to mobilize our votes, and our communities. But we need you and expect you to have our backs.”


Do you enjoy watching these liberal Hollywood sore-losers loosing their minds as the reality of Trump taking office has fully set in?

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