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We’ve all witnessed to some degree this scenario being played out, either at a Trump rally where a young woman wearing a Trump tee-shirt, her back against a hotel door is surrounded by a marauding mob of punks pelting her with eggs, or a guy in a business suit wearing a trump “Make America Great” baseball cap, being continually intimidated by a pack of thugs, as he walks towards a Trump venue.

Or perhaps Trump supporters waiting on-line to enter a Trump event, being accosted, intimidated or even in one incident sucker punched.

And although these incidents occur quite frequently, they’re seldom acknowledged within the mainstream media.

This recent incident in California is just another in a long list of Trump supporters being harassed, intimidated and in this particular case these two punks Angel Mendoza and Rolando Vega actually video taping themselves beating a woman on her front lawn attempting to protect a Trump sign on her property.

The California pair went on a mission of destroying and stealing Donald Trump yard signs, while video taping their handy work and then began posting and tweeting, what they did.
Mendoza no doubt by his tweets is an apparent typical lowlife punk, tweeted “YEEE F**K TRUMP PUTOSS,” followed by several Mexican flags.



These thugs clearly have a problem with people who are white.



Hopefully there’s enough self incriminating tweets combined with their video clip evidence to put these moronic thugs away for a while.

Do you think this should be prosecuted as a hate crime?

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