Hillary Clinton, Democrat presidential candidate has a following to be sure. The only problem is her following is a bunch of lemmings.

In their latest display of herd-instinct mentality, lacking all intelligence and freedom of thought, they were posed a question to which their answers are sadly not surprising, but entertaining none the less.

Recently, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and only after lampooning Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, he educated his audience as to two elements of Trump’s tax plan proposal, in the simplest of terms, which is; no income tax if you earn 25K/year as a single filer, or 50K/year if married-filing joint.

Jimmy Kimmel then announced that earlier in the day his staff went out on the street and interviewed Clinton Sheeple, asking if they supported her proposed tax plan, which in reality was The Donald’s.

“Her” gaggle supports cutting corporate tax rates from 35% to 15%, elimination of estate taxes, no income tax for those making less than 25K/year, elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax. Lo and behold! Would take a look at that! Unwittingly, because they are idiots who know nothing about their heir-apparent, Clinton, these folks actually support Donald Trump with respect to his tax plan.

Imagine their surprise. One of the respondents, when informed of whose tax plan it was, aptly stated, “I’ say, I feel stupid.” Of course, the feminazi who is gender-voting only, will still vote for the woman who will enslave her with taxes. Lemming does not even begin to apply to that one.

Kimmel wrapped it up with fact: “None of us deserve to vote.”

How right he is.

Source: mrcTV

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