Hillary Clinton likes to portray herself as a tech-challenged Baby Boomer who not only doesn’t know what an email server does, but thinks it need to be cleaned with a soft cloth.

It certainly seems she is unaware of the “modern” technology that has armed every private citizen with a camera at the ready to record any event that strikes them as noteworthy.

So it wasn’t a professional photographer, but one person with an iPhone who captured what may prove to be the single most important event of the 2016 campaign – a moment that may well determine who becomes the next president of the United States.

No matter what happens in the next eight weeks – whether Hillary Clinton’s health is, in fact, so comprised that she drops out of the race, or if she bounces back with a vigor not seen in years, no one will deny that the way her campaign chose to handle her collapse at the 9/11 commemoration left the candidate open not only to legitimate speculation, but to rumor and conspiracy theories.

Video showing the Democrat candidate rigid and stumbling, before collapsing into the arms of her security detail was concerning enough, but the presence of an unidentified woman obviously caring for Clinton raised more questions that the candidate might like.

The 30-ish woman, clad in a plain, dark blue dress starkly at odds with the outfits worn by other women at the commemoration, was by Clinton’s side – holding her firmly by the arm, fingers on Clinton’s wrist at the pulse point, supporting her under the arm and finally preventing her from falling head first into the vehicle as she jerked and lurched, unable to walk.

With the Clinton campaign reverting to its default mode of secrecy, the public and media were free to speculate about the identity of the woman, and it wasn’t long before a simple Google search revealed photographs of long-time Clinton physician, Dr. Lisa Bardack, that may match that of the mystery aide. While we make no claims for certain, it is known that Dr. Bardack had diagnosed Clinton with pneumonia less than 48-hours before the 9/11 event.


In a still photo, the woman appears to be administering a neurological exam on Clinton like trainers perform on football players after a hard hit, although it may also simply show her pinning a ribbon on the lapel of Clinton’s jacket.


And therein lies the problem.

The campaign’s 90-minute news blackout, the story that Clinton became overheated on a 74º morning and the chipper sidewalk photo-op just hours later followed by the pneumonia revelation makes it far too easy to speculate.

Teenagers and politicians usually learn a valuable life lesson the hard way: It’s not the crime, it’s the cover-up.

Even after five decades in the public eye at the highest levels of state and federal government, Hillary and Bill Clinton just don’t “get” it.

And this late in the game, it’s doubtful they ever will.

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