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Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has spent months on the campaign trail and the debate stage touting her “lifelong” record as a “champion” of families, women and girls while attacking her opponent, Republican Donald Trump, for decades-old comments about women even as she ignores the actual abuse of women – many of them young, by her own husband.

Hillary’s self-image is central to her narrative if she wants to be elected as the first woman president in U.S. history – and that is something Hillary has wanted very badly for a very long time.

But if it is true that no one quite knows us as well as our own family, the truth about Hillary’s commitment and devotion to family – and to young women has just been revealed.

The daughter of Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton’s half-brother, has come out in support of Donald Trump and isn’t shying away from giving her reasons.

Macy Smit says she has been a Democrat all her life, but cannot bring herself to cast a vote for her Aunt Hillary.

“I support Donald Trump 100 percent,” Smit told RadarOnline.

The 25-year-old Macy says she believes Hillary “just wants it for the history books – to be the first woman president for selfish reasons.”

The niece said she believes the reason she has never met her famous and important relatives is because she and her mother have been “looked down on” by the Clintons.

“Something tells me the Clinton side looks at me and my mother as not good enough, but we’re hard-working.”

Roger Clinton, the president’s younger half-brother, was a source of embarrassment to Bill and Hillary as the future president made his steady ascent from Arkansas Attorney General and Governor to the national stage and, eventually, the White House, with a highly publicized arrest for cocaine possession that resulted in prison time.

Smit has gone through hard times, existing on food stamps for a period of time, but is now doing well, employed as a hair stylist and married to an Air Force officer – all without receiving any help from that champion of young women, Aunt Hillary.

“They’re not as good as everyone thinks they are,” she said of the Clintons, an opinion seconded by her mother, Martha Spivey, who added, “The Clintons are all talk!”

“Hillary says she’s all about family, but she’s got a niece she’s never met and never acknowledged. The Clintons have never helped us out.”


Perhaps more American voters should take note of how they can expect Hillary to treat their families should she win on Tuesday.

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