This is rich. Hillary Clinton was once every liberals’ favorite FLOTUS. She was the most loved since Jackie O. There was a time when she was championed by the left and it was believed that it was “her time” to reign supreme as the first woman president of the USA.

She was passed over in favor of the first black man (half-white) to hold the office. She then ruled the State Department where she over saw the Benghazi debacle. Whether she owns up to it or not, she is drowning in the blood of our dead and wounded American victims of the terrorist attack.

She has been given a pass for that, covering up her husband’s “indiscretions,” and her bathroom private-parts email server.

Well, we all know she is running for the White House again. One pinko against another. Hillary “what difference does it make, now Clinton” versus Bernie “women fantasize about rape” Sanders.

What a stellar cast for the dog-and-pony show that is the dictionary definition of a liberal.

She was just laughed at by some pretty noteworthy leftist anchors on national television. Have you seen this? Probably not. Try to Google it. Good luck, because that story has been scrubbed in the mainstream Orwellian media. Fortunately for you, we have the video. You can watch the princess attempt to deflect the Wall Street cash-cow charge vis-à-vis the Bernster.

The charge was relayed by CBS This Morning host, Norah O’Donnell;

“And on the campaign trail, how do you answer that charge that Senator Sanders has made that you’re in the pocket of Wall Street or beholden to their interest?”

Hillary: “Well, look, anybody who now me, knows I’m not in the pocket of anyone,” enter the chuckles of the Charlie Rose and O’Donnell. How we wish for a split-screen!  She went on, “…and anyone who thinks they can influence me certainly doesn’t know me.”

How can the woman not blush? Too much make-up. She continued on in her diatribe about how awesome she is despite 30+ financial industry investors. Roughly $5.9-BILLION dollars has been dumped into her ankle deep Mandarin suit pants-pockets.

While funny for us, it is a sad statement that every left-wing media-mush-for-brains automaton will still vote for her. They have no problem being shackled to the Hildebeast no matter the abuse.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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