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If history teaches us anything, it’s that it’s distended to repeat itself, and if you’re a student of history you no doubt can identify something disguised as new by simply peeling back the veneer and recognize immediately what is being sold is actually something used, only repackaged to appear as new.

And if you’ve lived through a few decades you began to realize that civic organizations, and so-called revolutionary and political activist groups, all began to sound alike, and hate groups like yesterday’s “Black Panther Party” of the 60’s is actually today’s “Black Lives Matter” movement with perhaps a few minor twists.

What is new however is how this generation of young people and those in charge of a civil society handle the time-worn anti-establishment narrative and potential violence of this recycled hate group, who’s only interest (like their 60’s predecessors), is to create racial chaos and mayhem.

Moreover this incident at Todd Beamer High School, in Federal Way, Washington, is simply a microcosm of how hate groups like “Black Lives Matter” use race as a wedge issue to incite violence, similar to how the old Black Panthers used race to instigate racial tensions.

Which doesn’t require any actual facts only what someone alleges and by calling another student a “racist,” which in turn creates a spiraling effect, which cannot be controlled and creates a situation where the actual incident is in doubt?

However what isn’t in doubt is that a confrontation took place between two students, and a school official intervened attempting to restrain one of the students, when allegedly the black girl turned and struck the officer, which prompted the officer to place the girl in handcuffs, and led her off campus.

The altercation between the two students apparently had no racial component has somehow become a racial issue which has one parent named Angela concerned and stating in an interview on KIRO Radio’s Dori Monson Show:

“The next thing we knew, our children were coming home telling us they needed to wear all black in support of the Black Lives Matter movement because of the incident,” Angela said, noting there was even an announcement on the school’s intercom about the demonstration. “I questioned my daughter, I said ‘I don’t understand how this is a race issue.’”

“It sounds like it was a child who was out of control, but somehow it turned into a race thing,” she said. “My daughter didn’t wear all black, she refused to do that. She didn’t believe this was a black or white issue, it was a disciplinary issue.”

“And if the kids were not wearing them, they were bullied and ridiculed and called ‘racists,’” Angela said. “She was told she was racist because she doesn’t want to support the Black Lives Matter movement. And she said, ‘This has nothing to do with black or white, this is a kid that was disobedient.’”

Students are not happy and are saying they were forced by the school administration and teachers to show support for the BlackLivesMatter movement.


However perhaps the one distinction that sets the Black Panthers of the 60’s and today’s hate group Black Lives Matter apart, is how the political ruling class of the left views them. Then the FBI described the Black Panther movement as "the greatest threat to the internal security of the country" today the Obama/Clinton gang welcomes Black Lives Matter with open arms, into the White House..

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