If you’re a Trump supporter your first reaction might be for the safety of this individual wading through this minefield of crazed anti Trump demonstrators, as he makes his way to the GOP convention in Burlingame, California.

No doubt this big guy dressed in a dark business suit and wearing a red "Make America Great Again" ball cap wasn’t going to be intimidated by the rebellious and rowdy group of mostly profanity driven youths who kept taunting and surrounding him.

At times they shoved and pushed him as he walked along, some actually attempted to challenge him to a fist fight, and luckily someone intervened, when asked by a reporter who was following this moving demonstration why he was walking through these agitated and angry demonstrators, he answered calmly that he was from Burlingame which is his hometown, and he reminded all once again, “this is America.”

At one point someone in the crowd grabbed his cap and threw it away, which prompted this big guy to actually wade into the crowd, no doubt a foolish move.


The 5-plus minute video footage comes to an end when this extremely brave gentlemen reaches a barrier with several police officers by his side and is once again surrounded by this hostile mob of adolescent punks and in particular one hysterical female shouting a profanity laced barrage of “f-bombs” that would make a sailor blush.

Do you support this man in his attempt to voice his support for Trump and not allow himself to be bullied by Trump haters?

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This guy is awesome and deserves our support.


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