Conservative pundit Sean Hannity issued a "call to arms" on Fox News Thursday to the "irredeemables" and "deplorables" who voted for Donald Trump, saying it's time to fight back against "five powerful forces" trying to wreck his presidency.

"Sitting back and doing nothing is no longer an option," said Hannity, citing a "massive effort to destroy President Trump and throw him out of office."

"Sitting back and doing nothing is no longer an option," Hannity said, because the threat against Trump is "metastasizing," and it's "only going to get worse."

"This is now about overriding an election, the election results, the will of the American people," Hannity said. "It's really the swamp versus the people. And the swamp is fighting hard."

Hannity identified the five powerful forces "aligned" against the president as the deep state, the "Destroy Trump" media, "totally unhinged" Democrats, establishment Republicans, and the "Never Trumpers."

But after months of coverage of Trump's alleged ties to the Russian government, there has been "zero evidence," said Hannity.


He noted that there have been no special counsels appointed to investigate scandals involving Democrats -- Hillary Clinton's misuse of private email servers, Benghazi, the Pay-To-Play scheme, Iranian prisoner swap, Bill Clinton's unauthorized meeting on the tarmac, and the Secret Service prostitution scandal, to name a few.

Hannity said Democrats are pumping large sums of money to fund the "Resistance Summer," whose aim is to oust Trump from office.

"Everything you voted for is under attack," Hannity said.

Hannity's passionate call to arms, while on the mark, hopefully, isn't too late, as efforts to get rid of Trump have been under way for months.

The purge of Trump's enemies is long overdue. But first, we must name names.

Please share your comments below if you agree that it's time for the supporters of Donald Trump to come together in support of the President before any more damage is done.

Source: Fox News

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