Inside corruption is why Hillary Clinton is still walking free despite numerous wrongdoings that anyone else would be put in prison for. This type of corruption continues with Robert Mueller and his investigative team trying to pinpoint a connection between Trump and Russian collusion.

In a breakthrough that you will never hear from mainstream media, Fox News' Laura Ingraham exposed yet another member of Mueller's team with a conflict of interest.

Member Jeannie Rhee is a longtime Democrat donor with ties to the Obama administration and the very corrupt Clinton Foundation. She is also a frequent donor to the DNC.

It goes without saying that Rhee doesn't exactly fit the profile of someone who can just look at the facts and call it straight down the line.

Rhee was hired as a deputy assistant attorney general for the Obama administration, providing legal advice to members of his staff. As for her political contributions, she donated $8,000 to the Obama campaign in 2008. She also donated the maximum amount allowed in 2015 and 2016 for Hillary's failed presidential run.

That's not all; she also acted as the attorney for the Clinton Foundation when it was implicated in a racketeering scandal a few years back.

Can an anti-Trump and pro-Hillary supporter be fair? That hardly seems likely.

This whole Russian collusion probe is blatantly a partisan hit. Another member of Mueller's team includes FBI Peter Strzok. He was revealed to have exchanged anti-Trump messages with a mistress. He also helped clear Hillary in the email investigations by classifying Clinton's handling of classified emails from "grossly negligent" to "extremely careless." The latter does not entail legal wrongdoing.

With the exception of Fox News, other mainstream news outlets have been silent on this matter. Hannity has been on this like glue. Watch one of his monologues below to unravel the web of corruption within Mueller's team.

Does Mueller need to step down from the investigation immediately?

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