Appearing with Fox’s own Bill Hemmer Rep. Trey Gowdy responded immediately out of the box when asked by Hemmer what is the first question he would ask the new FBI Director who’s scheduled to testify on Thursday on Capitol Hill.

Without missing a beat, Gowdy responded to Hemmer’s question stating: “What are you going to do to restore the people’s confidence and trust in the Department of Justice, because they’ve had a miserable two years.”

Gowdy continued the conversation with Hemmer stating “it's not just Strzok, that’s the latest, I’m afraid Strzok is not going to be the last, I think there will be other revelations of bias and prejudice and improper conduct from the Department of Justice, so my first question to him is what are you going to do to repair not congresses trust but the American people’s trust and that blind-folded woman holding a set of scales.”

The interview continued with Hemmer asking Gowdy if he agreed with President Trump’s assertions that the FBI was in “tatters” Gowdy deferred to the “line agents” who work for the Justice Department are the “kind of people we want, but the higher-ups have had a really bad two years.”


Hemmer weighs in asking Gowdy: “is the integrity of the agency in question then, now.”

Gowdy response: “of course it is Congress should not have to fight with the FBI to access information we’re entitled too.”

The questioning then turned to Donald Trump Jr. with Hemmer asking Gowdy; “Donald Trump Jr. answered questions for 10-hours yesterday, is that right?”

Gowdy response; “close to 10, but it seemed longer.”

Hemmer; “you say he was incredibly professional, did he break any laws?”

Gowdy; “no, I don’t think he did anything improper.”

Then Gowdy goes into some detail regarding Fusion GPS and the so-called Russian operatives, and then Gowdy reminds Hemmer that the DNC was paying Fusion GPS $10-million to do operation research on Trump.

Do you think the American people will ever get the truth out of these hearings, or is it simply more of the same?

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