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Over 18-months after former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton laid out her version of the secret, unauthorized email server set-up she put into place to conduct the nation’s top-secret diplomatic business, Americans now know that virtually nothing of what she said was true.

She did in fact have classified documents on the server, she used multiple devices to access them, she did not turn over the emails as required, her staff ordered emails be deleted after they were subpoenaed as the untruths have been revealed in a report from the Inspector General, a year-long probe by the FBI and subsequent testimony before a congressional committee.

The process, however, has been politicized to the point where FBI Director James Comey’s once sterling reputation is in jeopardy after he read a summation of the bureau’s findings – a damning 14-minute near-indictment of Clinton – only to refuse to recommend prosecution.

Comey’s boss, of course, is Obama Attorney General Loretta Lynch who not only had a private meeting with former President Bill Clinton just days before Hillary was interviewed by the FBI, but who stands to either hold onto her job or possibly be promoted to the Supreme Court in a new Clinton administration.


Questioning from South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday distilled the matter to a single, succinct point that put Comey’s decision – and his character on the line.

After outlining Clinton’s violations of federal law regarding maintenance and safeguarding of government documents, including her numerous misrepresentations – to put it politely, Gowdy concluded his interrogation of Comey with a simple, devastating question.

“What would she have had to do to warrant your recommendation for prosecution?”

Comey responded with lawyerly double-speak, but Gowdy’s question crystallized the issue once and for all.

And it begs the question: Is there anything Hillary Clinton can’t do now that she knows she will never be held accountable?

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